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A big reason why Braye Demolition & Plant Services is called in to dismantle residential, commercial and industrial structures around Surrey, is our highly capable team’s approach to such tasks; we’re safe, methodical and know exactly the best techniques and tools for an individual project. But one aspect of the job that’s less commonly discussed is the cleaning up side of things.


Many amateur demolitions quickly become chaotic and unsafe due to the associated waste not being properly dealt with. In this latest blog post, we share a few of the most important aspects of a demolition clean up. More interested in discussing a project with our team? We encourage Surrey residents to call the Braye Demolition & Plant Services team directly on 020 8941 2929.


How We Stage Perfect Demolition Clean-ups


Careful Preparation


The cleaning up is directly incorporated for the demolition plans themselves, allowing us set timeframes between the various phases. This allows us to properly sort differing waste types, so that everything can be responsibly disposed of and re-use/recycling maximised. Where many Surrey DIY’ers go wrong is simply “free styling” the clean up, doing it as they go with little planning. When working on a busy site, things can rarely be done this way – especially when you have a deadline to work to!


Considering Demolition Methodology


Demolition jobs are always unique and pose particular challenges that need to be addressed; during the initial site appraisal, we consider which methods (e.g mechanical vs by hand) will allow us to best manage the incoming waste, with the view of keeping a clean site that can be turned over as a “blank slate” within the timeframe requested by our client.


Using the Right Equipment


Another thing that can hold up site clean ups? Injuries or having to work at a painstakingly slow rate due to the presence of dangers you’re not protected against. Our demolition experts, regardless of the job we’re taking on in Surrey, use industry standard protective equipment to ensure the job can be handled safely, without hold ups. And as we have an array of modern plant equipment at hand, we can quickly move waste around a site into designated areas away from the work itself, helping to keep the site clear and free of tripping hazards, as well as similar health and safety concerns.


Careful Disposal


Did you know that Braye Demolition & Plant Services is a licenced waste handler, and one of Surrey’s most respected providers of commercial recycling? We have the equipment and knowhow needed to responsibly dispose of all waste accumulated during a demolition. Amateurs, on the other hand, often need to seek out skip hire companies or similar assistance to ensure that taste doesn’t needlessly find its way to landfill.

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