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As our name might suggest, a big part of what we do is provide quality plant hire services to clients in Sussex and throughout the wider south of England. The plant machinery available to our clients is the very same we use for the demolition projects we take on in the same areas – or for concrete crushing, and transporting materials we’ve gathered during recycling jobs; it’s industry standard, top-of-the-line plant hire equipment, maintained to a meticulous standard – we wouldn’t give you anything less.


However, you might be wondering – why should I bother with plant hire when I can simply purchase it? This question is what we’ve looked to address here, in our latest blog post. But if you’re more interested in speaking with our capable team, perhaps regarding the demolition, recycling, concrete crushing and asbestos removal services we provide throughout Sussex and its surrounds – the below won’t be particularly relevant! Skip it, and call us at your earliest convenience on 020 8941 2929 or 07711 876 008.


Why Choose Plant Hire Over Outright Purchase?


  1. It’s cheaper – …and not just with the initial cost. You have to consider that plant equipment costs money to maintain and store; training employees to properly use it can also cost money, in terms of wages and obtaining any certification that might be required. Plant hire, and perhaps having an operator use it via our inclusive demolition, recycling, concrete crushing and asbestos removal services, is a great way for Sussex clients to save money short, mid and long-term.
  2. You can be flexible – Different projects require different tools, and investing in an expensive bit of kit to take on a job that might not be a very common one for you would be a complete waste of funds. By using a plant hire service like our own, you can select the perfect took for the job then return it once you’re finished; in one word it allows you to be flexible, and perfectly equipped to handle any type of project you’re faced with.
  3. It’s quality kit – As nearly everything we do – from demolition to recycling, concrete crushing to asbestos removal – requires the use of quality plant, we’re always investing in it; it’s important we keep an edge on plant hire competitors in and around the Sussex area who might be less inclined to upgrade their equipment. We also take great effort and expense to keep it in perfect working operation. This means when you need a tool, you’ll get one that’s powerful and well looked after – and not something that’s been sitting in storage, unused and untested for god knows how long!
  4. You avoid depreciation – We’ll be the first to admit that the plant industry can be a fickle one; just as with most industries that involve production of new gadgets and gizmos, when something fresh comes out, old equipment depreciates in value. This can lead to a big loss over time for individuals and companies that purchase equipment, and only rarely use it. Sussex clients who choose plant hire, or our dedicated demolition, recycling, asbestos removal and concrete crushing services, can completely sidestep this issue.


Have any questions regarding our plant hire services? Or perhaps the other services we offer domestic, commercial and industrial clients throughout Sussex – such as demolition, asbestos removal, commercial recycling and concrete crushing? Give us a call!

You can reach Braye Demolition & Plant Services on 020 8941 2929 or 07711 876 008. Whether it’s plant hire or demolition you require, the service will be a quality and affordable one.
















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