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Well here it is, our first blog post! There’s a lot we want to cover – from the nuances of demolition and plant hire, to technical details surrounding concrete crushing and recycling – but one thing that seems especially pressing is asbestos removal. Braye Demolition & Plant Services has long provided this essential service to Surrey and the wider south of England, and we want to continue to clean up not just asbestos, but disinformation surrounding this exceptionally toxic material.


If you’ve found this page because you’re searching for a reputable and time served, Surrey based provider of demolition and plant hire services, or in fact concrete crushing and recycling, then waste no time in calling us directly on 020 8941 2929 or 07711 876 008. The same goes for if you read this article and realise the importance of investing in immediate asbestos removal; we’ll guide you through the process, making the process = simple and stress-free.


A Guide to Asbestos & Its Dangers


What exactly is asbestos?


Asbestos is made from a combination of six naturally occuring materials, which when made into fibres are microscopic in size. It was used freely until 1999, when scientific research proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was a link between asbestos and serious health conditions, specifically cancer. A huge number of older Surrey properties still feature asbestos due to it being effective insulation, and highly heat resistant.


What has asbestos been used for?


Braye Demolition & Plant Services – Surrey’s premier provider of demolition, plant hire, concrete crushing and recycling services – most commonly finds asbestos employed in: roofs, ceilings, floor tiles, gutters and pipes. Anything that has historically needed to be insulated!


How does the law govern asbestos?


Strictly, by classifying it as hazardous waste and dictating where it can be disposed, and who in Surrey it can be disposed of by; the 2012 control of asbestos regulations provide further details that licenced handlers and consignees must abide by. If you have asbestos in your property but it’s deemed to be better left of undisturbed, there must be some form of management plan in place.


But if, for example, asbestos is uncovered during development work or during a demolition, then you will most likely legally require an asbestos removal service to safeguard you, contractors working on your property, and anyone in the general vicinity.


How can I safely get rid of asbestos?


By calling for Braye Demolition & Plant Services! Whether it’s as part of wider demolition services – which also often encompasses complementing services such as plant hire, concrete crushing and (always) recycling – or a standalone service you require, we are highly trained and licenced providers of asbestos removal who will ensure you receive a quality of service unrivalled throughout the Surrey area.

For more about asbestos removal, or any of the other aforementioned services we provide the Surrey area, pick up the phone and call Braye Demolition & Plant Services on 07711 876 008.
















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